Monday, June 27, 2005

Life has changed so much over the past one odd month that i have been literally left grappling…birthday was celebrated in real style- landed at Indira Gandhi International airport, New Delhi, the same evening...i had left this very place 3 years ago in rather strange circumstances…I had then also vowed to never get back to this part of the world again…it was like the airport was getting back at me with a jibe! with all my luggage in tow, I hopped into the office cab that had come over to pick me and we hurried our way to suburban Delhi—Gurgaon to be precise!

A decently lavish guest house ( which was, for some strange reason, painted in gaudy red!) greeted me and it was long after I tucked myself in the bed there did I realize that this was no temporary relocation…life had decided to change gears yet again and this was an important turning…I was here, not on some picnic, but would be starting off on my first job over here…and that was suddenly such a scary thought!

the similarity that the place bears with my erstwhile destination- Pilani- similar arid landscapes, the same rugged people, those undescribably filthy Haryana roadways buses that I see on the roads each morning---all set in waves of nostalgia in my mind…there was this sudden urge to get back to that desert with the few people I really loved and wanted to be around with…but then, if wishes could be horses!

work began on an optimistic note…it didn’t seem as daunting as I thought it would, though of course therez simply no time to sit back and relax…with training sessions and the supposed ‘honeymoon’ period on, its not as bad as yet…everyone up there has been warning of worse times coming ahead…but then what the heck! letz cross the bridge when we come to it! this one month, I have been totally tied up trying to find a roof over my head! house hunting is the most frustrating pastime and trust me when I say this! and a totally unfurnished house necessitates that you fill it up with all the necessities and for an inexperienced soul like me, one doesn’t where to start off from and where to end…so from the harpics and domexes to jhadoos and pochas and AC’s and inverters…to the hunt for a maid and the ‘dibbawala’, its been a helluva hunt and I am so glad to have gotten out of it pretty successfully.

Gurgaon isn’t too great a place to be in…for all the epithets it earns as ‘the city of malls’( me a MUmbaikar or Bangalorean would find nothing great in these so-called super structures!), it encompasses in it great deficiencies…it basically lacks finesse and aesthetics…its not a town with a heart, a cultural milieu…its just crass materialism (more of the showy Punjabi kinds splashed across in disproportionate measure!)…it shook me to realize that therez nothing called public transport here and it pains my heart to make a rickshaw puller pull my weight with the sun beating 45 degrees outside! I simply refuse to haggle with him for lesser price and end up paying him more than what he asks for…it really beats me to see these opulent malls standing in the middle of empty spaces and to which the only means of transport other than a self-owned car is a cycle rickshaw pulled by an emancipated man sweating through his butt in the oppressive northern heat!

well..all said n done, this is my new home…its been fun trying to set up the house from scratch…but certainly not fun sitting here in a cyber café, trying to type even as each key seems to fall off its place!!!


Blogger Miss Sea said...

Quite an apt description. Gurgaon lacks any identity other than being the place with all the malls and big offices. but i guess the work there doesn't leave much time for anything else!

11:56 PM  
Blogger khandu said...

Welcome Back! Landed here from Srini's blog if you are wondering ;) I'll soon be in Noida so will catch up with you later. dunno abt malls in Gurgaon but the one I saw in Noida is no less than any mall here in Bangalore :) And 'the ppl' are SOOOO much 'better'.

12:10 AM  
Blogger KEERU !! said...

while I was google searching for some philosophy , mahabharata stuff, i dont know how i chanced upon ur profile.. real good postings !

12:17 AM  

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